Magic behind everyday things

Postcards with stories

Welcome to my little postcard store with stars, sparks, kitchen mess, enchanted tea and a galaxy of chocolate cookies!

Right now there's a choice between two different sets of postcards: each one with a special theme.

Every order can be shipped worldwide and paid with Visa, Mastercard or Yandex.Money. Shipping charges are already included in the price, so there's no additional payment for delivery.
Coffeeholic Set
Coffee most often plays the lead in my photos. I love the reputation that coffee has among artists and designers: as liquid energy and fuel for any creative work.
In a way coffee is an inspiration itself.

Ten photos with splashes, cinnamon, Harry Potter references, cookie lettering, steampunk blueprints and perfect weekend plans!

Wizard's Apprentice Set
There's something magical behind everyday objects, thate's a chance that you can find a pirate ship on your bookshelf, a Don't Worry Potion in your kithen (that happens to be lavender tea) or a tiny spaceship at your workplace.
Ten photos with enchanted tea, measured donut, pirate ship, magic potion, stars, launching rockets and Wingardium Leviosa spell!
Each set consists of ten postcards printed on a thick paper with сoating which makes their surface pleasant to the touch.

All postcards are delivered internationally as registered letters, so the package will be secured from the point of departure to the point of delivery
and provided with tracking information
If you have any questions or suggestions,
don't hesitate to write me!

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