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I learned almost everything I know about photography, brainstorming and creative process from artists
that were generous with their knowledge.
Now I hope that these tutorials can be helpful
for other aspiring photographers.
Stay inspired and do try this at home!

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Part 1: coffee, donuts and steam
• Capturing Stories in Coffee Cup Reflections
Making shapes in the reflections of coffee and tea

• The Secret to Shooting 'Balancing' Photos with Ease
Low-risk solution for shooting balancing compositions

• Defying Gravity: How to Shoot 'Twisted' Coffee Splashes
Splash photography with a twist

• An Easy Way to Make Beautiful Powder Clouds
Simply throwing powder in the air is not a very smart way to take a picture

• How to Photograph Steam Over Your Coffee
Basics of shooting a hot steaming cup of coffee

Part 2: splashes, smoke and levitation
• How To Make Food Levitate In Your Still Life Photos
Flying chips!

• Capturing 'Flowing Smoke'
Fun with aroma sticks and paper

• How To Capture Falling Cups of Liquid
Capture a dynamic image with falling cups and splashing liquid using only two speedlights and a glue gun

• Create Magical Still Life Images Using Oil and Ink
All you need is a fish tank, some oil and ink

• Neat Trick for Creating Cool Splash Photos In-Studio
Use momentum to make water fly

Part 3: rain, clouds of paint and SPARKLES!

• How to Make it Rain on Your Still Life in the Studio
Simple way to photograph rain at home

• How To Bring Coffee To Life With Half-Splash Photography
Create half-splashes out of coffee

• How To Take Your Still Life Flower Photos To The Next Level
Make coloured clouds in water

• How to Shoot a Fiery, Festive Still Life Photo... with SPARKLES!
It's like holding a little fireball in your hands… or a tiny tamed comet.

• Put Your Dreams in a Jar... and Take a Picture
Magical stories with paper silhouettes

How to stay inspired
The 5 Most Important Tools in My Still Life Photography Kit
Exactly what it says on the tin

★ Stay indoor: 10 Tricks for Seriously Creative Surreal Photos

★ 5 Tips To Boost Your Creativity As A Photographer

★ 5 Easy & Creative Ideas For Your Next Photo Shoot

★ 10 Tips To Overcome Your Creative Block and Stay Inspired
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Живые мастер-классы и вебинары
25 июля–22 августа 2017
Творческий курс «Сладости для Гермионы»
Фотокурс с творческими упражнениями (creative prompts)
специально для тех, кто давно хочет снимать фото с историей
и живые, человеческие натюрморты,
но не знает, как начать.

Event archive
Архив событий
Feb 9—12, 2017
Online Workshop: Food typography with Dina Belenko
Learn how to get started in food typography, take your food photos to the next creative level, discuss composition, scetches and post-production, have your questions answered and get a chance to be featured in 500px's digital magazine, ISO.

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2–25 марта 2017
Открытки из Хогвартса: фотоиллюстрации начинающих волшебников
Большой курс по художественным натюрмортам в Хабаровске
с искрами, дымом, левитацией, сказками и волшебством.
Подробности и запись тут:
15–18 мая 2017
Вебинар «Вкусная типографика: текст в фуд-фото и натюрморте»Выступление в рамках онлайн-конференции по фуд-фотографии

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Мастер-классы и статьи на русском языке
Переведенные статьи
★ Рецепт балансирующих пончиков

★ Крученые всплески на раз-два-три

★ Истории в отражениях

★ Натюрморт с падающими чашками в журнале Crème brûléeК

★ Летающие чипсы для Fotus Magazine

★ Фрукты и летние всплески для журнала Photo Foodie

★ Рождественский МК с бенгальскими огнями в журнале Crème brûlée
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